Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Feed the Zombies 2 - Facebook Zombie Fiction Extravaganza

24 Hours of Zombie Fiction
Michelle Kilmer, C. E. Robertson, Darren Wearmouth, Katie Cord, Jack Wallen, Rachel Tsoumbakos, Claire C. Riley, A. Carina Barry, Randy Spears, Dan Eagles, Timothy W. Long, S.P. Durnin, Tonia Brown, Rhiannon Frater, Owen Baillie, K.R. Chin, Mark Tufo, John O'Brian J.L. Bourne, Aramand Rosimilia, Jonathan Moon, Joseph A. Coley, and David Moody. There will also be a special offering from Craig DiLouie, Jackie Druga, Eloise J. Knapp, Rhiannon Frater, Stephen Knight, and Joe McKinney. Get ready, we're going to rock this town with zom-apoc!

All for only $99. cents

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