Friday, August 23, 2013

My Book Launch

I’m a little late at reporting on this since the blessed event was just over three weeks ago, but I guess better late than never is a good policy. Plus it allows me to have some other data.

I launched my first published novel, Sanctuary from the Dead, on July 26.  Let me be honest, what I know about book launches can be summed up on a few paragraphs.  I had participated in one other launch a fellow writer friend of mine convened.  (He interviewed me.)  I did some homework, read some blogs, but really I went with what I knew and used my gut to guide me.

Here’s some particulars:
Pre-Promotion:  I placed announcements for the event on several different community of interest sites (e.g zombie sites) and on several different Facebook pages.

Venue:  Facebook.  I used my writer’s FB page instead of an event page, hoping to drive up my ‘Likes’ -- which did work to some degree.  I did get 12 new Likes.

Process:  The event lasted 4 hours.  I had a planned out schedule putting up a new post every 15 minutes initially and then going to every 30 minutes later in the event.  The posts consisted of announcements, links to free short stories, and links to my blog where I had author interviews.

Live Interviews vs. Canned Author Interviews:  The one launch I participated in, the host did live Facebook interviews with authors (with me being one of them).  He reported that it was a lot of work and was not sure it was worth it.  I used pre-written interviews and posted links to my blog where they resided.  I can say that having participated in another launch event where the author did live interviews and I might try that.

Giving Things Away:  I released links to three free short stories and a collection of flash stories on Amazon throughout the night.  I moved 227 free ebooks that night.   Hopefully people are reading those stories and liking them, ergo giving me more exposure more and new readers.

Final Tally:
227 free ebooks given away
12 new Likes to my Facebook page  
20 Books sold within 3 weeks of release
NOTE:  I figure quite a few people came to the launch because the amount of free ebooks that got downloaded.

Lessons Learned:
Do more up front promotion
Maybe do live author interviews
Consider an event page so that I can track how many people came

Monday, August 19, 2013

15 Minute Marketing

For many writers, marketing is one of the last things they want to do.  Writers want to write.  (Or, at least, they should.)

For the indie writer, marketing is a must, though.  Without it, readers won’t discover your work and then your books don’t get read.  But it seems such a daunting task.  At this current moment, I have two pages of a list of single spaced items of places and strategies I should be doing to market my latest book.  Taking them all in at once makes me want to hide under my desk.

But, as with the joke about eating an elephant  (Q: How do you eat a whole elephant?  A: A bite at a time.) taking them a few at time, say 15 minutes a day, makes the overall task more manageable.  

So, for now, I’m trying to do that.  I’ll let you know what I find out.  

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sanctuary from the Dead Video Trailer

Do you want to get a feel for my book, Sanctuary from the Dead?  Then check out this video trailer for it.