Friday, April 25, 2014

A New Endeavor

Writing has been a way to satisfy my creative aspirations, but I know that my creative extends past words.

I went to film school dreams of becoming a great director, but that dream didn't pan out.  I've always created visual products such as videos for educational and promotional uses.

As a part of my new writing career, I started creating my own covers both out of economic necessity and for an added creative outlet.  I think over a year of developing covers and studying other successful covers I've developed an eye for what works and doesn't work.

With that said, I'm about launch my service of providing eBook covers for other authors. I've done a few for friends at my press, but I saw a greater need.  As an indie writer, I know how stretching your dollar has to be done.  So, I thought I could help out.

So, here it is:

Here's a couple of the covers I've created.

So, if you come across the blog and need a cover, check out my premade covers.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cover Fun

I've been working to refine my design skills in cover design.  I feel like I'm maturing and also knowing my limitations.

I recently did a cover for my friend T.L. Decay for his new horror poetry collection.  It's called More Scary Writing.

T.L. and the other folks at my publisher all loved it.  Most said it was creepy.

By the way, it has two poems about scary clowns.

I'm also refining the cover my upcoming release, Dead Man's Land.  It's the third book in my Books of the Dead series.  The first draft of that book is just about completed.  I just looked and I have been working on that book for seven months. I found that shocking.  I have fitted in several other projects while I've been writing this one.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic.  Here's the cover.  I decided to go with a spare design.  The initial reaction has been very positive.